Undermyth is an alternate universe created by reddit user sp441, also known as 441.

It is a role swap AU that puts an emphasis on keeping character personalities and how that would affect their surroundings.

Notable Changes

General Changes

  • In the RUINS, a new town can be found by the name of New Old Home.

Character Changes

  • A new flower also by the name of Flowey takes the position of canon Flowey. The new flower helps Frisk along their journey.
  • Many NPCs originally seen in the ruins can be found in New Old Home.
    • The ghost in the Dummy is now a gentlemanly ghost, known as Pladstabloke, who herds snails.
    • The rock set up a toll booth in front of the town and she demands smiles to pass.
    • The spiders now run a shop selling various pastries.
    • The random encounter enemies in the RUINS now live in New Old Home.
  • Asriel is now the king of the RUINS, and he tries to stop Frisk from progressing.
  • The cut enemy Doge (pronounced dohj) is now captain of the royal guard, appearing in snowdin. Her full title is Captain Bassiere Von Dohj the Third.
  • Papyrus serves under Dohj in the guard as a private investigator.
    • Monster Kid works as his apprentice.