Undermerge is an AU created and written by Danborn111 on Amino.

About the AU

UnderMerge is an AU taking place during Frisk's time in the Underground. It is mainly from Frisk's perspective, and so far has only had one exception, a crossover story with the ReaperTale AU.

The AU's name, "UnderMerge", was given to it due to it's most unique character, one that is completely original, is made up only of merged human souls.

Main Characters

  • Alphys - Assistant to W. D. Gaster. Her personality is unchanged.
  • "The Amalgamate" - A creature made up entirely out of the power and DT of human souls. Created by W. D. Gaster. Described as a "Walking gelatinous blob that somewhat resmbles a human."
  • Asgore Dreemurr - The king of the underground. Extremely militaristic in personality and action.
  • Asriel Dreemurr - The only known child of king Asgore Dreemurr. Presumed dead after crossing the barrier and being killed, along with his adopted sibling Chara.
  • Chara Dreemurr - Possibly one of W. D. Gaster's greatest creations, Chara was presumed dead after leaving the Underground with Asriel. Years later, when Gaster  greated the Amalgamate, the immense amounts of DT released by the souls used was enough to pull Chara's lingering essence and soul back into the world. Her current body is made up entirely of magic, and was created by Gaster and Alphys at the king's request.
  • Flowey the Flower - A small monster resembling a flower, missing one of his petals. No personality change.
  • Frisk - A young female human child, described as wearing a grey coat and hoodie. Alongside Chara one of the only two humans to ever posess a soul made entirely out of DT.
  • Mettaton - A robot designed for war, possessed by a noncorporeal monster. This monster uses it's new body to entertain the Underground's people as a television star. In other words, mainly unchanged.
  • Papyrus - The newest member of the royal guard. Sans' little brother, eager to prove himself to those around him. Mainly unchanged,
  • Sans - W. D. Gaster's personal bodyguard and enforcer in the Underground. A respected and somewhat feared monster, due to his connection with the scientist.
  • Guard Captain Undyne - Asgore's personal bodyguard, serving a similar role as Sans, but to the king. Also heads the entirety of Asgore's military forces.
  • W. D. Gaster - The oldest monster in the Underground, royal scientst to king Asgore. Known and feared for allowing his "enforcer" Sans to work completely above any laws put in place by the king in order to further his experiments, and somehow always getting away with it.