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The subject of this article contains sexual depictions or gory imagery/descriptions.

Long ago, two races ruled Earth: HUMAN MEN and MONSTER GIRLS... (also human women). One day, war broke out between the two female races over the men. When the human women won, they sealed the monster girls underground with a magic barrier. Many years later...


Under(her)tail: Monster Girl Edition is a NSFW parody comic written by TheWill.

About the AU

Under(her)tail is an Aesthetic AU where the characters, setting, and plot have been rewritten and designed with sexual undertones.

This comic features a heavily sexualised version of Undertale's setting, with most of the monsters given sexual renamings and redesigns as well the addition of sexual scenes between the main protagonist and different monster girls.

 Notable Changes

General Changes

Character Changes

  • The role of Frisk is filled by Frisky.
  • The role of Flowey is filled by Peddles.
  • The role of Toriel is filled by Tutori.
  • The role of Napstablook is filled by Blooksnap.
  • The role of Sans is filled by Comic.
  • The role of Papyrus is filled by Tempus.
  • The role of Monster Kid is filled by Kitty.
  • The role of Mad Dummy is filled by Sexdoll.
  • The role of Undyne is filled by Nokyel.
  • The role of Alphys is filled by Syphla.
  • The role of Mettaton is filled by Mettie.
    • Mettaton EX becomes Mettie 3X.
  • The role of Muffet is filled by Dounette.
  • The role of King Asgore is filled by Queen Assmore.