TimelessTale is a Undertale Alternate Universe game created by Team Timeless. The AU was created by BlazingBlade (AKA, Chaos) and Team Timeless is currently being run by BlazingBlade, ZoNiCaL, Badger, Sanes and Xalia.

About the AU

Over the course of 7 chapters, you play as multiple characters who have been redesigned and re-imagined from the ground up. The writers of Team Timeless try and show this the best they can by making characters think in their own way with narration from their own mind.

Main Story - The AU starts with Sans and Papyrus, the good old skeleton brothers. A sudden noise disturbs the brothers and they investigate. They soon come across a watch, which they then bring to Gaster.

Notable Changes

General Changes

  • All characters can think for themselves, with the narrator barely having to intervene.

Character Changes

  • Papyrus is a member of the Royal Guard, inspired by Undyne to be the Underground's hero.
  • Undyne is the Leader of the Royal Guard and hero of the Underground, as in canon.
  • Gaster is the Royal Scientist, as well as an adoptive dad for Sans.
  • Alphys is Gaster's assistant.
  • All the characters have been given a makeover.
  • Gaster is now a scientific adoptive dad who adopted San's at a young age.
  • River Person is given an important role as a scientist. In an alternate timeline of the AU, he was best friends with Gaster. He then invented the Time-Traveling Watch, and soon got lost in time and space, ending up in this universe.


  • Team Timeless consists of around 35-45 members in total.
    • The team has writers, voice actors, character designers, artists, composers and 5 leaders.
  • The chapter idea was created by ZoNiCaL and took inspiration from games such as Mother 3.