Storyspin is an AU that reverses the roles from Storyshift for example, instead of Asriel being Papyrus, Papyrus is Asriel; this applies to all ten main role changes of Storyshift, as well as a few additions.

The AU was originally developed by Lapiss, but eventually was cancelled and then handed over to Keno9988, who now is currently developing the comic.

Character Changes

  • Papyrus takes the Empty One Role (Asriel/Flowey)
  • Undyne the Caretaker Role (Toriel)
  • Asriel takes the Reclusive Role (Napstablook)
  • Asgore takes the Judge Role (Sans)
  • Toriel takes the Ambitious Role (Papyrus)
  • Mettaton takes the Captain Role (Undyne)
  • Napstablook takes the Royal Scientist Role (Alphys)
  • Chara takes the Celebrity Role (Mettaton)
  • Alphys akes the Monarch Role (Asgore)
  • Sans takes the Fallen Role (Chara)