Ladentrue is an Undertale Role-Swap AU by Datudou.

Notable Changes

Character Changes

Main Cast

  • Frisk is given a voice and personality.
  • The menu name is DTD.
  • Flowey's role is filled by two flowers:
    • Justice, who is Undyne, fighting for monsterkind because she must reason they deserve it, as they can't care for anyone.
    • Hana, who is Alphys, helping Frisk along their way.
  • Toriel stays in the same role.
  • Napstablook's role is (in a way) taken by Chara.
  • Asriel's role is filled by Undyne.
  • Chara's role is filled by Alphys.

Minor Cast

  • The Ruins's aqueduct has new enemies:
    • Grub Worms, picky yet voracious eaters spared by Feeding them Melon Balls, a new item also found in the aqueduct.
    • Grubwing, a mature Grub Worm, the miniboss of the aqueduct.

Environmental Changes

  • The Ruins have an aqueduct, which Frisk falls into after flipping the switch of the One Switch Puzzle. It also was an outpost for the Royal Guard, protecting it with puzzles and magic water.

General Changes

  • The Identify (replaces Check) and Item descriptions are given by Hana.
  • The Monsters start off named Monster A, Monster B, and so on until they are Identified, which is unavailable until Frisk meets Hana.
  • The Faded Ribbon and Toy Knife are replaced with the Heroic Cape and Template:Weathered Glove.


  • Ladentrue is an anagram of Undertale. Datudou chose it because it means nothing, but easily rolls off the tongue. And helps avoid irrelevant search results.