Horrortale is a plot-based AU created by DeviantArt user Sour-Apple-Studios, taking place after a neutral run by the player in Undertale.

About the AU

Horrortale takes place 8 years after a Neutral Route. Toriel is banished, Undyne is queen, and food is running out. Thus, most of the monsters resort to eating humans for survival.

Character Changes


The protagonist.
Has a soft-spoken nature about her.


Has one eye due to being in Alphys’s lab at the wrong time.
Aliza’s ally.


Banished to the ruins, bent on keeping children safe from the hell beyond her doors, at whatever cost.
Keeps an impressive collection of “medicine”.

Queen Undyne

Has a cut ear, cut hair, and a bandaged eye.
Once benevolent, the years of food shortage has turned her mad with despair.
Her harsh rulings and crazy laws result in frequent rebellions.


Has a cracked skull and a red eye.
Other than a mild case of psychosis and amnesia, he’s still his pun-loving self.


Has small eyes, and crazy teeth.
A pro at cooking Spaghetti with “the human touch”.
Still as puzzle-loving as always.