Figmented Reality is an Undertale AU crossover created by Origin, otherwise known commonly as Rune.

It is a crossover AU between the characters and lore surrounding the video game music ripper, Siivagunner, and the setting of Undertale. The AU uses the sprite-comic format, and follows the Frisk replacement throughout the underground.

Opening Sequence

Long ago…

There was a boy.

This boy possessed tremendous power. The power to bring Figments; ideas, to life.

He spawned many beloved icon figures. However, these figments possessed great power as well.

The humans grew afraid of these figures. Tensions rose, and after a long battle…

The figments, and their creator, were sealed underground with a great power.

Many years later…

Mt. QH

Legends say that those who climb the mountain never return.

Figmented Reality

Notable Changes

General Changes

  • There are no monsters in this AU. There are Humans, and the Figments that are spawned by humans.
  • The name of the mountain the AU takes place under is different. It is called Mt. QH.
  • The Ruins are a bright pink color, and are littered with ice and snow. It is cold enough to the point that heat lamps have been set up around to keep Figments (and humans) from freezing up.

Character Changes

  • Frisk has been replaced with a spunky young kid named Chad. Chad is not silent like Frisk, though the readers are unable to see what he is actually saying, as the dialogue is implied.
  • Chara's place has been taken by a character that is simply referred to as "Voice". Voice is a large amount more direct towards Chad, going so far as to directly speak to him.
  • Flowey has been replaced with a similarly plant like person named Siiva. He is notably less hostile than Flowey is, and does not attack the protagonist.
  • Toriel has been replaced by a quite small woman named Nozomi.
  • There is no Napstablook replacement, at least that has been shown yet.
  • Robbie Rotten is most likely to take the role of Papyrus.

Official Music

This is a list of the Official music that is currently done for this Alternate Universe:


  • The AU's name used to simply be "Siivatale". However, this was quickly rectified and changed to Figmented Reality.

Character Gallery

  • Chad
  • Siiva
  • Nozomi