Cartoontale is a crossover AU, placing characters from a variety of different cartoons on the Cartoon Network TV station into the roles of Undertale characters.

About the AU


  • Chloe from We Bare Bears replaces Frisk
  • Whaley (not his real name) or Tiny Floating Whale from Steven Universe replaces Flowey.
  • Pearl from Steven Universe replaces Toriel
  • Courage from Courage the Cowardly Dog replaces Napstablook
  • Ice Bear from We Bare Bears replaces Sans
  • Uncle Grandpa from Uncle Grandpa replaces Papyrus
  • Bonnibel from Adventure Time replaces Alphys.
  • Gumball and Darwin from The Amazing World of Gumball replaces 01 and 02
  • Spike from Tom and Jerry replaces Mad Dummy.
  • Samurai Jack from Samurai Jack replaces Undyne
  • Jake from Adventure Time replaces Mettaton
  • Greg from Steven Universe replaces Asgore
  • Steven from Steven Universe replaces Asriel
  • Connie from Steven Universe replaces Chara
  • Pops from Regular Show replaces Muffet
  • Rick from Rick and Morty replaces W.D Gaster
  • Jeff from Clarence replaces Monster Kid