Altered Destiny is an Role-Swap AU created by Reddit user sp441. As the name implies, it is based off Altertale; specifically, it takes inspiration from its base swaps, including additional swaps thrown into the story. It features heavy changes to the lore, due to Skeletons replacing Boss Monsters as the dominating monster family.


The AU features a heavy focus on retro-futuristic aesthetics and science-fiction tropes, with the Ruins heavily altered to have a more technological feeling to them.

It features the base swaps seen in Altertale (namely, the Skeleton Brothers and the Royal Family switch places), albeit with several more included, as a result of the drastically changed lore and environment of the Underground.


Character Changes

  • Sans (Role: Toriel)

- Has a much more retro-futuristic scientist aesthetic to his character.

- Joking, laid-back behavior more prominent than normal.

- Has a single Gaster Blaster that he treats as a pet named Wilson.

  • Papyrus (Role: Asgore)

- Leader of the Underground, albeit not truly a King.

  • DTVS (Role: Flowey)

- A mysterious, creepy entity that chases the Human through the Ruins.

- Shaped like a TV Monitor capable of sprouting spider-like leg appendages.

- Appears to be incapable of speech.

  • Toriel (Role: Sans)

- Much younger than her canon appearance.

- Appears to be a delinquent in recovery.

- Tender, but easy to anger.

  • Asgore (Role: Papyrus)

- Much younger than his canon appearance.

- Sheriff of Snowdin.

- Laughingstock of Snowdin.

Environmental Changes

  • The Ruins

- Have been recolored cyan, also have more retro-futuristic implements scattered about, like high-tech door and lightning bolt lamps.

- Appear to run on some sort of unstable generator.

- Have been made rather filthy due to sans' lack of tidiness as well as age in general.

Misc. Changes

  • Skeletons have significantly more importance in the lore, effectively replacing Boss Monsters.


The human wakes up in a bed of Purple Flowers. Wandering about, they soon meet Sans, who seems to be conducting some sort of field research. After introducing himself and teaching the Human the ropes, they are knocked away by the arrival of DTVS, who attacks and nearly kills the Human before Sans summons Wilson to blast them away.

The duo make their way through the ruins' puzzles, until DTVS recovers and chases after them yet again. After a tense chase through the long hallway, Sans uses Wilson to knock bolders on top of it, smashing it into the river basin and out of sight. Sans then has to leave to attend to some urgent business, leaving the Human to explore the ruins for themselves.


  • The attacks used by DTVS are taken straight from Hell Chaos, the final boss of Splatterhouse(1988).
  • The purple water in the ruins is a reference to Chemical Plant Zone, from Sonic the Hedgehog 2.