Age's End is a Plot-Based AU that takes place after Undertale's True Pacifist ending.

About the AU

Age's End features a mostly original cast of characters with various powers and magical abilities.

In this AU, humans are able to use magic, as long as they own a colored SOUL-- Not every human wield such a SOUL.

Notable Changes

Character Changes

Only characters that have been shown or spoken of will be written here.


The "Point of View" character.
A child with a SOUL of Bravery, means well but is pretty snarky and mischevious at times.
"Helmet Kid"
A SOUL of Kindness, but probably the most cynical out of the bunch.
Has yet to give his real name.
A monster living in the same town as Shawn and "Helmet Kid".


A 12 years old living under the care of her sister Jikama and working with her as the "Patrol Team" of the area surrounding Cliffside and Woodsburg, her hometown. Afflicted with anemia and with a SOUL of Courage, she's a bit of a tinkerer, and want to help make the area she lives safe from the "berserk monsters", or so the rumors say.
Aged 22 and a SOUL of Perseverance, Jikama stick around as part of the Patrol Team only because Araki is part of it. As a martial artist, she owns a dojo in Woodsburg to train those who wish to learn how to fight-- and control their magic potential, if applicable.