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• 3/11/2018

Fixing the whole Wiki

This Wiki has so little pages and information, that it`s completely unhelpful and useless. A usual Undertale Wiki has more AU pages than this WIKI, CREATED SPECIALLY ABOUT AUS! That`s horrible, so we surely need more activity here, and I have few suggestions.

Firstly, we need to add information about the most known and main AUs. We need a "to-do-list" (my version of it is in the end), maybe we should popularize this Wiki to have more members, especially active ones. It would be easier to find information together. To attract more people we can try decorating the Wiki.

Secondly we need to categorize all the AUs more carefully, we should add to Plot-based AUs special Comic AU type for AUs that were originally created as a comic and have at least 2-4 parts/chapters;
add Solo AU category that are mostly voids and have about one character living in them (sometimes two or more, but starting off a third one they surely shall not be as important as main one(s));
add a One Character (1C) AUs section for AUs that have all characters remade into one specie or redesigned or they all look like other character (MettaTale, FruitTale);
add a Special AUs section for AUs that usually cannot be categorized, like OMEGA Timeline (or my Project Long Ago (I`m not even sure if this is an AU), but it`s not known, so it`s not important yet). I also noticed that there`s an insane quantity of Fanfiction AUs, so we can add a section for them too.

Finally, I guess we can also make something about AU ships, because of PaperJam and such, though that surely SHALL NOT contain usual ships between original game`s characters. We should only mention ships in AUs if they`re really canonized by author(s) (like in most of Comic AUs Sans is shipped with Toriel or Frisk... I`m not the judge).

Bonus Q&A:
Q: If Comic/Fanfiction AUs shall be here too, what if the comic/fanfic is just a short doodle / bonus story / about characters` relationship? Can it be here too?
A: No, it has to have an original idea or plot that is not mentioned in the game and has to have at least 2-4 parts/chapters, as said in Submission Guidelines. We can`t post here every Undertale fan content, this Wiki is all about AUs.

Q: What if my AU is not popular at all and I want to post it here, so people can learn about it?
A: You probably can. But we need to separate well-known AUs from new and/or unknown ones. To do it, we can create an AU rating with a scale from 1 to 5.
1 - this AU is very unknown, only you and sometimes your close surrounding know that this AU exists, not recommended to post.
2 - this AU is posted somewhere, some people may know about it, though not many. Oftenly it`s story is shown in an Ask or the characters concept arts.
3 - this AU is middle-known, usually it already have fan arts or even fanfictions, though not so many. Oftenly is a Comic AU, that doesn`t need characters concepts.
4 - this AU is well-known, has a lot of fan-made content and sometimes even has a demo version of the game.
5 - this AU is so good known, that is almost a canon! Even new UT fans have already heard somewhere about it. It is so famous, that nobody knows who exactly is it`s creator. There`s already a fan game (or novel) about it! (But there are only two yet: Underfell, Underswap)
If you aren`t sure how to rate your AU, use halfs. Like an example, Inktale and Errortale are 4.5 rated.

Q: If I have created an OC (Original Character), does that count as a Solo AU character?
A: Mostly - no. AU is an Alternative UNIVERSE, so if you have only 1 character that doesn`t even have a void for themselves, that is NOT a Solo AU character, that`s just your UT (or UT AU) OC.

Q: If I have an AU, where were a lot of characters, so it wasn`t a Solo AU before, but then they all / some of them / everyone except this (and this) disappeared / disintegrated / died, does it count as a Solo AU?
A: Depends on the importance of the backstory for this AU. For an example, if the main story is about a genocide run survivor, the backstory is not told very good and the genocide route is not an important detail, it IS a Solo AU. But if, an example, half of the comic is about Chara (or others) killing everyone, it`s not a Solo AU.

Bonus 2: List of the most important AUs (minimum 3 rate) (some of them are already posted on the Wiki)
UnderSail / OceanTale
StoryShift / StorySpin
PokeTale / TrainerTale
Science Sans
CrossTale / XTale
OMEGA Timeline
LittleTale / BabyBones
GasterTale / EchoTale
Seraphym Sans

Sorry if I overrated or forgot some of the AUs, I`m not perfect.

If any questions left, please tell me. I hope this problem will get enough attention and we`ll create this Wiki a better place. Thank you.
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• 5/22/2018
Isn't the Wiki already really good? Please try looking at the majority of the pages here, like [[Underswap]] or [[Storyspin]] rather than just comparing it to a shittier AU Wiki (cough, cough, undertale-au, cough). I'm not making the Wiki less professional just so that you can have AUs like PaperJam or AUs that don't matter at all, like UndyneTale. And I'm certainly not adding sans AUs like Science Sans or Baby Bones. Never try to reduce the Wiki to a pile of shit again, please.
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