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• 2/27/2017

Should I upload this AU when it's finished?

After the page was deleted, I got to some thinking. I wanted the AU to be random and funny, up with a perpose. This was ruined when I started just adding random stuff from the top of my head. Now, the list of changes could better be served as toilet paper. That is why I decided to rework the ENTIRETY of the AU, and add a bunch of art. But, thing is, the original page was deleted. So I am afraid of taking my chances with the admins. I don't want to be banned from the wiki, but I also want the world to see and enjoy my creations. So, while I'm working on the reboot, I shall make the decision up to you; upload it here, or on a different wiki. The choice is yours, majority vote rules. Thanks - DontAskStudiosFanArt
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• 2/27/2017
And, please, no swear words. Let's keep this clean!
• 5/1/2017
you seem to have forgotten to tell us the AU that you meant, though obviously, you need to follow the AU Submission Guidelines as said on the main page. If it does, you can write it here!
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