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What rules should go for categories, and talking about how to better optimize AU searching.
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First, I would like to talk about how the UnderFell should be categorized. For, you see, UnderFell differs from person to person. Originaly, it used to just be an aesthetic AU, but has since been regarded by most of Monsters slowly going insane and losing hope since Asrials death. For these reasons, UnderFell should go in both categories (austhetic and plot change), with a number beside it, or atleast an origin story at the beggening of the article to show how it spiraled into this full blown Plot changer.
Also, I think games of AUs should have their own category (of course being split into multiple sub-categories)
another way to classify UnderFell would be to put It in a category called "multi-category."
The original, aesthetic-only Underfell and other interpretations should have separate pages, and I don't really think a "multi-category" category would be helpful.
Also, there's no "Plot-Change" category. If you meant "Plot-Based", Plot-Based AUs are AUs with a different or new plot from that of Undertale.
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